Veterinary Street Outreach Services

Volunteers at Project Homelss Connect

VET SOS serves as a model, offering training opportunities to ensure that future veterinarians, vet techs, nonprofit workers, and human health care providers have the practical skills to support homeless families. Equally important, however, is the experience of being part of a collaboration that recognizes the integral connection between human and animal health, the importance of giving back to the community and supporting its most vulnerable members, and the feelings of empathy and awareness that this engenders.

Volunteers at Project Homelss Connect

Longtime VET SOS volunteer, Dr. Margaret Hoppe, DVM, prepares a group of volunteers for a clinic.

Veterinary Professional Volunteers Needed

Veterinary professionals are the core of our work. They bring to the VET SOS mobile clinics compassion, knowledge, and experience allowing us to deliver quality care to the companion animals of the homeless. We staff each mobile clinic with 2-4 veterinarians and a similar number of vet techs.

VET SOS is inviting new volunteers to join us at our clinics and provide these important services to the very grateful homeless community and their much-loved companion animals. Our van goes out to San Francisco neighborhoods 19 times per year.

Can You Join Us for This Rewarding Work?

Please contact our VET SOS Project Assistant:

415-355-2248 or email:

Application Form PDF

Dr Durfee, DVM, examines Precious

VET SOS's very own "Dr. Phil" examines a pup at our Valentine's Day clinic. Longtime volunteer, retired veterinarian Dr. Phil Durfee, has been a consistent presence in VET SOS for years. He says he volunteers with VET SOS to help those who love their pets but lack the resources to pay for veterinary care.

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March 5*
Bill Graham

April 4

May 15

All clinics begin at 9am. Clients/patients will be seen on a first-come, first-served basis.

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